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How to heal you back after deadlifts

Cat and Camel as a Deadlift Back Pain Treatment

Right after you injure your back after deadlifting you may feel hesitant to get it moving again. The cat and camel is a great exercise to calm down your back pain. It also helps with flexibility of your lower back which is important to get and maintain when you have low back pain.

To perform the cat and camel

  1. You are going to start on your hands and knees.
  2. let your belly button sink toward the floor while you look up and exhale. You should feel a stretch in your stomach.
  3. Now round your back like an angry cat and inhale. imagine you are swelling air into your lower back.

Start gentle. You should not feel any lower back pain with this exercise. If you are, you likely are going too far.

Glute bridges for when you hurt your back doing deadlifts

The glute bridge is a great exercise as it strengthens your posterior chain kinda like a deadlift does. This is great for healing the lower back after deadlifts because it activates your back muscles without working them directly. To perform you are going to:

  1. lay on your back with your legs bent toward your butt
  2. activate your core, drive your heels into the ground, and lift your butt off the ground
  3. imagine you are squeezing a penny with your butt, you should feel your glutes light on fire.
  4. now lower back to the floor.

Assisted Hip Airplanes After You Hurt Your Lower Back Deadlifting

This is where things get exciting. This is one of my favorite exercise period. It is great for activating the gluteus medius. If your lower back is sore after deadlifting this is a great exercise to engage the core muscles and train the back muscles.

  1. stand a step or two in front of a wall, and plant one leg on the wall, this is your starting position.
  2. drop your knee that of the leg that is supported on the wall, you should feel a stretch in the leg that you are standing on
  3. now return to the starting position
  4. I want to be clear. Your legs are not moving during this exercise, your pelvis is doing all the work.

Kb Deadlifts If Your Lower Back Is Sore After Deadlifting

KB deadlifts are the perfect exercise to do for rehab and treatment of lower back pain from deadlifts. Start slow, controled, and reduce the ROM of this exercise.

  1. set up in your normal deadlift stance
  2. hinge your hips backward while you bend your knees
  3. tap the KB to bench or block and come back up

Rack Pulls For Pain Lower Back After Deadlifts

Rack pulls are the best exercise to do in the final stages of rehab for a lower back injury from deadlifts. They are very specific to deadlifts which is what makes them great when your back is sore after deadlifts.

  1. setup up a bar on a couple of blocks, or the safety bars of a squat rack
  2. the bar should be around knee-level
  3. lift the bar up sliding along your legs and hips
  4. return to the starting position

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